Mothers Clinic
Louise England, who runs the Mothers Clinic, is also a trained midwife with over twenty five years experience. As a dual practitioner she is skilled in assessing a woman’s symptoms and offering an holistic approach to the needs of antenatal and postnatal women.

During pregnancy and after the birth of a child a woman’s body can feel very different to her. She may experience significant discomfort in her joints and muscles which could be alleviated by osteopathy.

Osteopathy offers pre-natal women the opportunity to prepare physically for labour by becoming more aware of their own bodies and their capacity to cope.
Post-natal women are often affected by the physical and emotional changes of childbirth and childcare causing symptoms that can benefit from osteopathic treatments.

Crouch Hill Osteopathy is now pleased to be offering individual couples tailor-made antenatal preparation classes. For some couples a group setting might be a daunting prospect or maybe classes are oversubscribed at the hospital or at other local groups. The sessions can be designed to meet your individual needs and are offered in a quiet, relaxed and flexible way with knowledge and experience that spans many years.
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